I hate introductions like this. WheatleyMF, 19 y/o, best procrastinator of Russia. This is my personal website with random content I put here. Mostly Rust stuff, but hopefully there will be more stuff in the future. I am creating various monuments and prefabs since June 2018, some of you may know me from Rust Discord. To be honest it's hard to say anything else – if you need to learn more about this website then click on random links in a sidebar or footer.


If you have any questions, ideas or just want to send a funny message that doesn't make sense, then you can do it through:



A little shout out to some cool Rust communities/mapmaker. Let me know if you want to be in this list too :P

Rust Map Making – mapmaking Discord community
FireCrow – good people from RU region with good maps
Codefling – platform by Death for your plugins, maps and other stuff. (Discord)
Lone Design – same as Codefling, but also includes some sick stuff by people like Lone, Gruber and many other good mapmakers. (Discord)
Intoxicated – impressive servers with impressive amount of efforts put into them. Probably the only server that was okay with my "one monument per many months" rate. Sometimes bawNg skills scares me.