This website hasn't received any significant updates since 2020. 3D fartist born in 2001, started with pixel art graphics and illustrations since 2013, doing Rust custom maps since 2018. Worked on various big Rust events such as Egoland (2022), all four Rust Twitch Rivals (2022-2023), as well as Trust in Rust 3 and 4. Worked together with CollapsedOrange on an official Rust map, Observer Island. You might have seen me in s&box community in Small Fish dev group helping makes games like Cryptid Hunt (2022) and My Summer Cottage (2024). More to come!


If you have any questions, ideas or just want to send a funny message that doesn't make sense, then you can do it through:

[email protected]


A little shout out to some cool Rust communities/mapmakers. Let me know if you want to be in this list too :P

Rust Map Making – mapmaking Discord community
FireCrow – good people from RU region with good maps
Codefling – platform by Death for your plugins, maps and other stuff. (Discord)
Lone Design – same as Codefling, but also includes some sick stuff by people like Lone, Gruber and many other good mapmakers. (Discord)
Intoxicated – impressive servers with impressive amount of efforts put into them. Probably the only server that was okay with my "one monument per many months" rate. Sometimes bawNg skills scares me.